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           The Incarnation of Shri Chowdeshwari Devi             
            Lord Brahma created Gods, Demons, Dears, Snakes, Microbes, and Marines and then Lord Brahma created 11 Rudras, 12 Adityas, 9 Brahmas, Moon, Planets, Stars, Nakshatra ashtadiggaj (नक्षत्रे अष्टदिग्गज) , tortoise (Kurma), boar (Varah), Fire, Air, Gems, Forest, and Herbs etc. with the help of Sri Devi’s divine glory. From this Lord’s creation Andhakasur, Kukkutasur, Gajasur, Vyaghrasur and Mallasur five powerful demons were always terrifying and harassing to all gods, rishi, muni and people. Those demons were eating human being, destroying Yagnas and producing terrible fear in people. These five demon’s horrible and terrible acts were intolerable and unbearable to Lord Indra and immediately Lord Indra decided to march war against five demons with his huge army. Five demons got alerted as they saw army of gods approaching to end their regime and they hid themselves in caves in mountains and used illusion tactics to surprise their opponents. Seeing this, gods too used their tactics and attacked with all possible sharp and available weapons at that time such as arrow, hammer, Hatchet, axe etc and due to constant bombard of sharp weapons demons were in blood and immediately the demons opted the coward path by hiding themselves in the Himalayas. Now the Lord Indra left with his entire army with the assurance in his mind that demons have learnt a lesson and no one has any fear from the demons.

After defeat with Gods, the five demons were thinking that even though they had possessed the power to rule the world and they got defeated in the battle.

  Finally five demons decided to get more power, strength, potency and defeat gods in the battle. Five demons went to mountain and started worshipping Lord Shiva. They hung themselves upside down to the tree and without breathing and food they were doing deep penance for many years. Lord Shiva satisfied and pleased on their penance and devotion. At that time demons signing Girjaraman’s praise and with great devotions asked boon that they wouldn’t get kill from gods, demons, animals, birds and from each drop of their blood millions of demons will be born and they always get victory and Lord Shiva blessed their boon by saying “तथात्स्तु” and disappeared.
  After Lord Shiva blessed, five demons fearlessly started harassing Gods and Rushimuni. As presently there was no such power that could end their supremacy and they furiously caused destruction wherever they go. Even though five demons had power, strength, they were sad because they didn’t have child. They thought without descendent they didn’t get salvation and five demons went to Mahindra Mountain to worship Lord Vishnu for descendent. On Mahindra mountain where ancestor did penance and at that place five demons without sleep, food, day night without body conscious , with concentration five demons started deep penance. Lord Vishnu satisfied and pleased on their penance. After Vishnu’s darshan, demons were started signing blissfully Lord Vishnu’s praise. Lord Vishnu asked their boon and five demons wished for child. Lord Vishnu (Padmanayan) said, one of you will have daughter and after her birth prepare hard-rock box and put new-born daughter and six month worth of Milk and Butter. Then put hard-rock box outside of territorial boundaries in open ground. All your accomplishments will be fulfilled. Then Lord Vishnu disappeared.
After few days demon of the group named mallasur’s wife gave birth to a bizarre baby girl who looked fierce and overpowering. At that time demons remembered Lord Vishnu’s boon and as per instructions they put girl into hard-rock box with milk and butter that will be sufficient for six months. Then they put hard-rock box outside of territorial boundaries in open ground. Onwards demons with fear and anger started harassing people, gods and rushimuni. Due to harassment, gods feared and didn’t find solution to destroy demons. Demons also started war with Lord Shiva who gave boon. Lord Shiva was thinking demons crisis was happening due to boon that I gave to demons. Then immediately Lord Vishnu appeared. Lord Shiva with all respect honored Lord Vishnu and informed that unknowingly I gave boon to demons and now demons harassing us. Lord Vishnu said I gave one boon and said one of demons will give birth to baby girl. After girl was born put new-born daughter, Milk and Butter that will be sufficient for six month in hard-rock box. Then put hard-rock box outside of territorial boundaries in open ground and preached not to give trouble to gods, rushi muni and people. However demons didn’t listen and again started harassing gods, rushimuni and people. Now be ready to fight against powerful demons. I will give all help to win against demons. Then Lord Vishnu left to prepare war against demons.
  After that Neelkant (Lord Shiva) ordered to Nadishwar to prepare चतुरंग army (Having the four arms or powers (elephants, cavalry, chariots, infantry)--an army). Lord Shiva enthusiastically reached tripurasur with army as follows - Meru Mountain as bow, Adhishesh as thread of bow, Lord Vishnu as arrow, Dharatalas as Chariot, Chaturvedas as Horse, charioteer as Lord Brahma, Nandi, Bhrungi, Virbhadra and different gods.
  Tripurasur’s demon blue in color, bodybuilder, huge were loudly roaring. Initially god sent envoy to demon’s king and said, “Lord Shiva with army came to fight with you. Immediately be ready for war”. Demon’s King said, “Previously Shiva ran away from us and today he came to fight with us? Why should we come, we will send our army to fight, our army is enough to defeat them”. After hearing egoistic remark, envoy said, “Now you are saying all this with ego, soon your ego and pride will go away”. After hearing this , demons furiously sent envoy out of Tripura. Envoy debriefed to Lord Shiva. Immediately God’s army with roaring started fighting and cutting head of demon’s army and fell on ground. Demon’s army felt that they are losing the war and started running away from battlefield and informed details what happened to demon’s King. After hearing this, five powerful demons furiously said, “We will kill Shiva immediately”. Gods’ army with great power attacked demons army. Immediately sun set occurred and moon rose with star-group to end sorrow of people. As soon moon rose, Demon’s King instructed his army to go battlefield and said we will come with additional army and war materials in the night. Because during night we demons gets double power and courage. Our enemy will get killed by your hand for sure and if that didn’t happen, immediately we will come and in second we will kill and defeat them. Go to war with big courage and warrior mind.
Without single minute rest both demon’s army and god’s army were fighting with weapons. Entire battlefield was filled with red blood. Many demons’ body fell down on the battlefield. When Lord Shiva saw, demons were fighting without fear, Lord Shiva continually sent arrow on them and he destroyed demons army.

Five demons became very violently furious when they saw all their army was killed and they attacked with anger on God's army. Lord Shiva was fighting day night with anger against five demons. Lord Shiva exhausted because of constant battle with demons and tired Shiva threw sweat from his forehead on the hard-rock box. Instantly because of sweat drop hard-rock box broke and from the hard-rock box fiery figure, infinite power, mace, drum , trishul etc. weapons worn, fiercely eyes, sharp and long teeth, eerie form ride on Lion Shri Chowdeshwari incarnated.
After seeing powerful and fiery form of Shri Chowdeshwari Devi all demons’ army with fear started running "here and there" . Lord Shiva was seeing towards devi and thinking this is “Devi Maya” and remembered Lord Vishnu saying that this is Shri Chowdeshwari Devi incarnated to destroy demons. Mahashakti Shri Chowdeshwari Devi bow down and said “Bujangbhushna!! I was born due to Ramakant’s boon. Until now I was doing severe penance in this hard-rock box. Because of your sweat drop, this hrad-rock box broken and I came here to help you in this war. Lord Shiva was very happy after hearing from Shri Chowdeshwari Devi. Instantly Shri Chowdeshwari Devi attacked on five demons. Immediately, five demons were sending weapons towards Shri Devi. Shri Chowdeshwari Devi was breaking all weapons very easily. After seeing this five demons with anger were fighting for long time. At last Shri Chowdeshwari Devi killed all five demons with thunderbolt, pointed big thorn, arrow, and sword weapons. Lord Shiva pleased with the situation and victory over demons and Lord Shiva gave boon to her to destroy demons and protect goodness and gave 360 Mantrakshata.                              

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