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Thogatveer Sanskrutik Bhavan
    Thogatveer Sanskrutik Bhavan  
    Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Sanskrutik Bhavan is pride building for all Thogatveer Kshatriya Samaj members. “Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Sanskrutik Bhavan” was built in center of Solapur city next to Shri Chowdeshwari Devi Temple. Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Sanskrutik Bhavan is mainly built for educational, social, cultural, religious programs. The Sanskrutik Bhavan is well equipped for all types of religious, cultural, educational and wedding programs and it is perfect example of leadership and generosity of Thogatveer Kshatriya community people.

Thogatveer Kshatriya members generously gave donation for building Sanskrutik Bhavan. Every family whatever amount they can afford donated for the construction of building. Not a single family missed who didn’t give donation for the building.
Shri Chowdeshwari Thogatveer Kshatriya Patpedi’s members donated their one year’s Dividend for Bhavan building construction. At that time, because of Mayor Janardan Karampuri’s effort, Solapur Municipal Corporation granted 4 lac rupees for the building equipment. Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghatana’s volunteers worked very hard to collect building funds. We are thankful for everyone who donated money, put time, effort and attention.

Land Purchase:
The land Survey no 9822/42 to 44 was owned by Mutkiri Family. Initially this land was sold to someone else, but due to some financial issue that transaction didn’t go through. At that all efforts were made to sell the land to Thogatveer Samaj. Finally on 25 February 1993, Shri Chowdeshwari Varprasadik Thogatveer Samaj purchased land for Rs. 11,21,000. All community members donated money generously. At that yuvak sanghatna also gave Rs. 1,01,000 from cultural fund for land purchase.

Bhoomi Pujan:
On February 3, 1999 at 8:30 AM, Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Sanskrutik Bhavan Bhoomi Pujan program was held by Past Treasurer Shri Narayanrao Bhisappa Udgiri and Sou Laxmibai Narayan Udgiri.

Building Design and Interior Design:
Samaj Officers reviewed and observed many different buildings for the construction of Sanskrutik Bhavan. Architect Prakash Kanna was selected for the construction of Sanskrutik Bhavan. After reviewing several blue prints, on February 8, 1998 revised map was presented and selected.

Foundation and Completion of Building:
Solapur Municipal Corporation granted permission to construct Sanskrutik Bhavan. On March 12, 1999 Shri D. K. Thavare laid down the foundation of Sanskrutik Bhavan. It took almost four year to complete the construction of Sanskrutik Bhavan.

Vastushanti, Pravesh and Inauguration:
Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Sanskrutik Bhavan Vastushanti, Pravesh (Entry) and Inauguration program was held on January 27, 2003. Shri Arun M Chinta entered Sanskrutik Bhavan with Mangal Kalash and Shriphal (Coconut). Shri D. K Thavare Maharaj inaugurated Sanskrutik Bhavan at 9:00AM. Vastushanti Puja was held by Shri Shrikrishna Pujari, Shri Anand Badganchi, and Shri Arun M Chinta. Around 5000 community members had food after Inauguration program.

Sanskrutik Bhavan Booking:
The Sanskrutik Bhavan is well equipped for all types of religious, cultural, educational and wedding programs. Currently we book Sanskrutik Bhavan for all types of religious, cultural, educational and wedding programs.

Contact (0217) 2725270 for Sanskrutik Bhavan booking.
Sanskrutik Bhavan Visiting Hours: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

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