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Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal (Educational Institute)
    Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal  
    After Shri Chowdeshwari Devi idol installed, members started thinking educational progress of Thogatveer community members. At that time Thogatveer community was very backward in education. Due to economically backward, many community members didn’t opt for education. They thought education of community members was very important for the development and progress of Thogatveer community. In 1958-59, decision was made to collect monthly 50 paise contribution for “Garib Vidyarthi Fund” (Poor Student Fund). This collection was being used for spreading the importance of education.

In 1971-72, Shri Chowdeshwari Thogatveer Shikshan Sansta (Shri Chowdeshwari Thogatveer Education Institute) was established and from that institute, free books and notebooks were provided to economically backward students and talented students.
Previously Balodyan Mahila Mandal was running primary school. Shri Chowdeshwari Thogatveer Shikshan Sansta wanted to start primary school. However due to lack of space for classes, Shikshan Sansta sent formal letter to vacate Balodyan Mahila Mandal School. Balodyan Mahila Mandal asked Shikshan Sansta to manage and take ownership of primary school.
On December 31, 1973, a meeting called to manage education institute. In that meeting, 11 working members and 7 trust members were selected. In addition, with consensus the decision was made to name “Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal” as educational institute.
Since establishment of educational institute till 1988, same educational committee was active and overseeing activity of school. In 1988, Shri Shrikrishna Pujari wanted to include interested and active community in educational institute. Since then remarkable changes were made to run educational institute. Proper accounting, arranged regular meeting to make strategy for the development of school.

“Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal” run the following sub-institutes:

Shri Balodyan Prathmik Vidyalay (Class I – IV):
After establishment of “Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal”
, in April 1974 Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal took over Balodyan Prathmik Vidyalay. At that time total 80 students and 2 teachers were working. Shri Balodyan Prathmik Vidyalay receives 100% grant from Maharashtra State Government. As of July 2012, total 520 students enrolled, 16 teachers and 1 clerk, 1 peon are employed.

Kai. Sou Achhammabai Bisappa Udgiri Balak Mandir (Kindergarten):
Shri Ramakrishna Bhisappa Udgiri donated Rs. 5000 in memory of Late Achhammabai Bisappa Udgiri to make remarkable progress in education. Since July 1, 1977 Kai. Sou Achhammabai Bisappa Udgiri Balak Mandir was started. This is mainly for Kindergarten education. . As of July 2012, total 520 students enrolled, 16 teachers and 1 clerk, 1 peon are employed. Kai. Sou Achhammabai Bisappa Udgiri Balak Mandir is run by “Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal” and currently it is not granted by Maharashtra State Government.

Shri Chowdeshwari Prashala (Class V – X) :
Since 1995, an effort was made to get permission for Shri Chowdeshwari Prashala. On July 05, 1999, Maharashtra Government granted permission (Javak Patra 10/99/724) to run Shri Chowdeshwari Prashala. Initially Shri Chowdeshwari Prashala classes took place in Chowdeshwari Temple classes. Now Chowdeshwari Prashala classes take place in Sanskrutik Bhavan class rooms. Shri Chowdeshwari Prashala receives 100% grant from Maharashtra State Government. As of July 2012, total 180 students enrolled, 5 teachers and 1 clerk, 4 peons are employed.

Shri Chowdeshwari Computer Training Institute:
Shri Chowdeshwari Computer Training Institute gives computer training to interested ones with very nominal fees. Currently there are total 6 computers are available for training and 2 trainers are employed.

Smt. Ratanbai Sanjivappa Udgiri Library:
Shrimati Ratanbai Sanjivappa Udgiri donated Rs. 1,00,000 for library. Now Library is open for study and reading books.

Shri Thogatveer Shikshan Prasarak Mandal is progressing due to generous financial help from Shri Chowdeshwari Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghatana, Shri Chowdeshwari Nagari Sahakari Patpedi, Itkari Mandal, Samaj members, teachers, and non-teacher staff, known and unknown donors. We are very thankful for financial help, effort, attention and time.

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