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Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghtana (Youth Group)
    Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghtana  
    The purpose of establishment of Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghtana (Youth Group) is to unite all youth for educational, social, cultural and financial development of Thogatveer Kshatriya Samaj. On August 17, 1980, in general meeting, Samaj President Shri Madavrao Kontam established Shri Thogatveer Kshatriya Yuvak Sanghtana. Since establishment of Yuvak Sanghatana, youth group undertaken social, educational, financial, cultural, religious, sports related projects. Group earn respectful place for their leadership in many different initiatives.

In real sense, since establishment of Yuvak Sanghatana only the Thogatveer Kshatriya Samaj started progressing and due to their initiative only Shri Chowdeshwari Thogatveer Nagari Sahakari Patsansta was established and Hitkari Plan was started. Not only this, Mahila Mandal was established due to Yuvak Sanghatana’s initiative only.
Further information about such active group’s information is as follows:

Yuvak Sanghatana organizes or organized the following social activities:
  • Blood Donation Camp – Youth volunteers makes every effort to increase donor participation in donation camp.
  • Organized health camps, women health camps, Dental health camp, Eye checkup and Glass camp, Women cancer diagnosis camp. Many Samaj members benefited from all health camps.
  • Organized Free Communal Wedding (Collective Wedding) to avoid unnecessary spending during wedding.
  • Provide financial help for Falmari Slum area Thogatveer families.
  • Maintains social network during Diwali by sending greeting cards and Tilgul program during Makar Sakranthi.
  • Organize learning license camp
  • Distribute free milk during Jyoti Utsav
During Basantham (Annual Festival) Yuvak Sanghatana honor talented students to inspire them. Also Yuvak Sanghatana recognizes students who are proficient in other area as well. To develop latent quality of student, during Ganesh Festival, Yuvak Sanghatana conducts Essay writing and speech competition. Through book bank, Yuvak Sanghatana gives books to 5th to 10th grade needy students. Free notebooks were distributed on behalf of Narsamma Badganchi. Also group organizes SSC lecture series for the preparation of SSC exam.

Total numbers of economically backward families are more in Thogatveer Kshatriya Samaj. To develop the financial status of economically background families, yuvak sanghatana took initiative and created “Shri Thogatveer Nagari Sahakari Patpedi’. All types of group get financial help though patpedi loan. For different initiatives , Yuvak Sanghatana needs money , to increase financial status of Sanghatana , youth volunteer organized various commercial programs such as Rashmi Orchestra , Pramila Datar’s Sunhari Yade , lucky draw etc. Yuvak Sanghatana earned income through differenet initiative and then gave Rs. 1,10,000 for Sanskrutik Bhavan land purchase and later Yuvak Sanghatana gave Rs. 65000 for construction of the Sanskrutik Bhavan . Yuvak Sanghatana gave Rs. 50000 to purchase computers for Thogatveer Shikshan Mandal.

Yuvak Sanghatana volunteers actively participate in Shri Chowdeshwari Shasti Utsav, Jyoti Utsav, and Navratra Utsav. Sanghatana celebrate Ganesh Festival at large scale. Yuvak Sanghatana published ‘Kulswamini Shri Chowdeshwari Devi Katha Sangrah’ book written by late Shri Vinayak Namdeo Udgiri.

Yuvak Sanghatana organizes different cultural activities to encourage students to show their skills.

Yuvak Sanghatana organizes sports camps to encourage sports players and sport lovers from Thogatveer community. Previously Sanghatana was organizing Fundi wise cricket competition. Now IPL type cricket competition is being organized. During summer, Yuvak Sanghatana organizes Swimming camp for small students who don’t know how to swim. In city level Cricket Competition, Yuvak Sanghatana’s cricket team participates.

Yuvak Sanghatana has been actively participating in every program; going forward also Yuvak Sanghatana will participate actively in every program and activities and will be immediately available for the development of Thogatveer Samaj.

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