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    Kulguru - Poojya Sri Divya Jnananandagiri
गुरु ब्रम्हा गुरु विष्णु
गुरु देवो महेश्वरः
गुरु साक्षात् पर-ब्रम्हा
तस्मै श्री गुरुवे नमः

  Poojya Sri Divya Jnananandagiri was, born on February 1,1986, at Koothaganahalli, Anekal Taluk, Bengalooru Rural Dist., to Smt. Sowbhagyama & Shri. Channarayappa, the blessed Parents, in the Thogataveer Kshatriya Community, had his initial Education in Society, Kalkunte. His inner philosophical desire, at his young Age, led him to philosophical learning center and he pursued his education there in the midst of the nature for 8 years. During his stay there, apart from pursuing Vedic and Sanskrit studies, he also acquired Academic learning in English, Science, Literature, Computer Science etc. He earned appreciation as a Sadhaka in the field of Veda & Veda Shastras despite being born in non-brahmin community. This was it this stage, he was identified by Sri Sri Sri Pranavanandagiri Swamiji of Bellary as the most suited philosophical head of the proposed Gurupeetha of the Thogataveera Kshatriya Community. Later he was sent to Arsha Veda Kala Shala, Haryana to purse higher Vedic studies for a period of 3 yrs, under the guidance of renowned Vedic & Sanskrit scholars. He also acquired profound knowledge in yoga & pranayama during his stay there.
  Guruji is well-read Sanskrit, Hindi, Kannada and English and his interests include great saints like Swami Vivekananda, biographies like Mahatma Gandhi, Winston Churchilli, literary works of the great poets like Kuvempu, Shivaram karanth, K.V.Iyer. Guruji has widely traveled deep into the philosophical centers like Pondichery , Kanyakumari.
  Swamiji’s Activities:
  Swamiji performs daily Sri Chowdeshwari Devi pooja and conducts Agni Homa/Satsangas on Saturday, Sunday, and on special festive/celebration, special visit days. Swamiji regularly discourses at various religious functions, upon invitation at devotees’ place. Every full moon day Swamiji visits to Nandavaram.
  Sri Pushpandaja Maharshi Ashram
  Sri Pushpandaja Maharshi Ashram was founded on April 20, 2007 for the benefit of mankind through dissemination of Spiritual knowledge and Academic education.

Head of Ashrama: Sri Sri Sri Divyajnanananda Swamiji, the Peethadipathi

Thapasihalli, Post-Antarahalli, Taluk-Doddaballapur, District-Bengalooru Rural
Karnataka - 561203
Ph. 080-27659227, 9243600116

46 km from Bengalooru, 30 km from Bengalooru International Airport, 6 km from Doddaballapur on Gouribidanur Road. All buses originating from KSRTC bus stand, Bengalooru, to Hindupur, Gouribidanur make a request stop at the Ashrama (ticket upto Tondebhavi Cross).
Ashram Objectives:
  • To develop Ashram into a holy philosophical center for the benefit of the whole mankind.
  • To promote/build/run Schools, Colleges, education and spiritual institutes.
  • A shelter for the orphans and poor children.
  • Yoga center for the youth.
  • To promote community welfare programs like simple and less expensive weddings, literacy programs, educational program, yoga & satsang shiras, peace centers for senior citizens etc.
Ashram Activities:

Many programs have already been initiated through Gurupeetha and progressing very well. Poojya Swamiji himself is a disciplined Yogi and also the founder of the Gurupeetha. With his determination and long term vision, he envisages the Ashram to be a religious and cultural center, a shelter for the orphans and poor children and also a Yoga center for the youths.

Orphans and poor children from the villages Poojya Swamiji visits are brought to the Ashram and are provided with food, shelter, clothing and medical facilities. The children are protected from bad habits and are taught to live as better citizens. The children are taught to be self-reliant, to respect Guru and elders, to contribute to society and also grow up as true Patriots.

Completed Activities:                                        
A residential building has already been constructed for the children by the trust with the donations received from kind donors.
Similarly, construction of Yoga Bhavan is just completed for conducting annual Yoga-camps and the Sabha bhavan is also expected to be completed shortly.
The blue prints of the proposed temple for Sri Chowdeshwari Devi are ready and a plan for construction is on the Anvil.

Completed Projects:
  • 5 acres of land,barbed fencing,bore well with submersible pump set, and power line
  • Watchman shed, growing of plants with investment of around Rs.25 lacs
  • Onkara Sadana,Gurusannidi,Bhojana Gruha-3 buildings with investment of around Rs.15 lacs
  • Yagna Shala with investment of around Rs.15 lacs
  • Sabha Bhavana under the construction with investment of around Rs.150 lacs.
  • Maruthi Omni for Swamiji’s use - Rs.2.70 lacs.
Future Activities:

Establish educational institutions in line with our traditions and culture for giving moral based education. Making improvement in the Ashram environment, vegetables & trees plantation, Goshala needs.

Future Projects:
  • 3 blocks Gurukul – Estimated investment – Rs.35 lacs
  • Anna Dasoha bhavana – Estimated investment – Rs.50 lac
  • 27 roomed Guest house – Estimated investment – Rs.65 lacs
  • Water tank – Estimated investment – Rs.10Lacs
  • Goshala – Estimated investment – Rs.10Lacs.
The subtler message from Poojya Swamiji to all thogatveera community members is that if the Ashram has to progress in the determined path and make a meaningful contribution to the society and show continual growth, then monetary contribution alone is not sufficient; the attention, effort and volunteer time all of thogatveera community members are also equally important. By active participation in the Ashram Seva, all will be blessed by the Divine Supreme being.


You can contribute Sri Pushpandaja Maharshi Ashram as follows:
  • Those willing to give food in charity for a day in the names of their kith & kin shall make a donation of Rs. 2000.
  • One can also donate for a day’s food on a particular date, every year.
  • Contribute any other amount for various service projects or ashram activities.

If donors/ disciples unable to pay donation in personally; they can make a deposit in the bank as follows:

I.F.S Code: SBIN0005313
SB ACCOUNT NO: 31851480146
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